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• 来自世界各地的交响乐团,巴洛克乐团和室内乐团的高质量巡演
• 世界知名的艺术家和艺术新星的音乐会巡演
• 为国内音乐厅特别策划的艺术节,驻场演出和系列音乐会
• 针对国内演出场所,交响乐团和其他演出机构特点的咨询服务
• 中国艺术家,交响乐团和其他演出团体的世界巡演


Intermusica is one of the world’s leading artist management and orchestral touring agencies and the winner of the Artist Manager of the Year Award 2011 presented by Association of British Orchestras/Rhinegold Publishing. Based in Central London, UK, Intermusica has been setting up successful tours throughout China and across the Asia Pacific region for 30 years.

China is a priority for Intermusica. We are committed to bringing some of the world’s greatest artists and orchestras to the country, many for the first time. We have strong partnerships with an increasing number of venues and promoters in cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Hong Kong and Macau and are looking to expand our activities into other cities throughout the country.

Working closely with our Chinese partners, we are able to:

• offer the highest quality tours for international symphony orchestras, baroque orchestras and chamber groups
• offer tours by world-famous artists and rising stars of the future
• arrange festivals, residencies and concert series in major and regional centres
• offer consulting services to venues, orchestras and corporations in China
• bring leading Chinese artists, orchestras and groups to the world stage

Intermusica’s aim is work in creative partnership to achieve the highest artistic aims, so if you are a private promoter, a new venue or festival and not already in touch, feel free to contact us through our representative in Beijing.

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